Rof grows in terms of spectators and takings and is full of foreigners

The 2022 edition also obtained greater media coverage of its 31 events on the bill for a total of 13,100 admissions (+ 53% compared to 2021) and € 957,000 collected (+ 47%). The first modern performance of ‘Eduardo e Cristina’ in the critical edition of the Rossini Foundation is scheduled for next year

The Rossini Opera Festival of Pesaro successfully closed the 43rd edition with the gala ‘Tra rondò e tournedos’ at the Vitifrigo Arena and celebrates the excellent results which mark a noticeable growth of spectators and receipts compared to 2021. The 2022 edition obtained even a higher one media coverage of hers 31 events on the bill, with the absolute novelty of the ‘Salons Rossini‘, held in three historic villages around Pesaro, and the return of the Concerts from the balcony of the composer’s birthplace.

Returning to the data, the box office did record 13,100 attendees (+ 53% compared to 2021) and a collection of 957,000 euros (+ 47%). The percentage of foreigners stood at 55% (+ 3%), with France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, USA, Spain, UK, Belgium, Holland, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Slovakia and Poland among the most represented nations. Spectators also from Brazil, China, Estonia, Greece, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico and others for a total of 34 foreign nations.

As for the next edition of the Rofto be held from 11 to 23 August 2023in the billboard stands out the first modern execution in the critical edition of the Rossini Foundation of ‘Eduardo and Cristina’, directed by Jader Bignamini and staged by Stefano Poda. Alongside him another new production, ‘Adelaide of Burgundy’directed by Francesco Lanzillotta and staged by Arnaud Bernard, as well as the resumption of ‘Aureliano in Palmira’, directed by George Petrou and directed by Mario Martone, at the Rof in 2014 and awarded as Best Rediscovered Work at the International Opera Awards. Among the concerts, the ‘Petite solemn masses’ directed by Michele Mariotti.