Roger Federer leaves tennis: “I’m retiring”

“Next week in London I will play the last ATP tournament”

Roger Federer, 41, announces his retirement. “I am 41 years old, I have played over 1500 matches in 24 years. Tennis has treated me with more generosity than I could ever have imagined. You have to understand when it comes time to end my career in competitions. The Laver Cup is scheduled for the next week in London will be my last ATP tournament. I will play tennis again in the future, of course, but not in the Grand Slam tournaments or on the tour “, says the Swiss in a message sent to social media and addressed to” friends, opponents, fans “.

Federer leaves after marking an era in world tennis. The champion from Basel has won 20 titles in the Slam, with the record of 8 triumphs at Wimbledon to which must be added 6 Australian Open, 5 US Open and 1 Roland Garros. On the showcase, a total of 103 titles won in the Tour.

“As many of you know, the last 3 years have put me in front of a series of obstacles represented by injuries and operations. I have worked hard to get back in full shape but I also know the potential and limits of my body: the message was clear“.” It’s a bitter and sweet decision, because I will miss everything the tour has given me. At the same time, there is a lot to celebrate. I consider myself one of the luckiest people on Earth. I received a special talent for playing tennis, I did it to a level beyond all expectations and for a much longer period than I could ever imagine, ”continues King Roger.

A special thought for his wife Mirka and their 4 children: “Seeing my family cheering for me in the stands is a feeling that I will carry with me forever.” A special “thank you” goes to the opponents: “I was lucky enough to play so many epic matches that I will never forget. We fought with fairness, passion and intensity. I have always tried to honor the history of this sport, I am extremely grateful: we we pushed each other forward and together we took tennis to the next level. ” Then, he turns to “the incredible fans”: “You will never know how much strength and how much confidence you have given me. Without you, the victories would have been empty and not full of joy and energy.” The last words are for tennis: “I love you, I will never leave you”.