Roger Waters defends David Gilmour: ‘His solos among the best in rock’

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That Roger Waters wants to bury the hatchet? Since the last move that the former Pink Floyd has played, it seems that the musician wants to ask his former band colleague, David Gilmour, for a break.
After years of bickering, barbs and real battles between the two former friends, Waters’ first cordial gesture towards Gilmour arrives in the last few hours. Something shocking, as if we were giving a similar news of the brothers-knives of music: the Gallaghers.
But even before Oasis, among the former bandmates who no longer speak to each other are Roger Waters and David Gilmour. They are the names par excellence when it comes to friendships and collaborations that end up with fingers in the eyes, so to speak.

“Roger Waters and David Gilmour don’t talk, Mandela would be needed”, said Nick Mason, the historic Pink Floyd drummer, last summer, responding to the eventuality of a reunion of the band (of which Mason specified there was practically no possibility, precisely because of the very tense relationship between Waters and Gilmour).

Recently, however, Roger Waters has expressed himself in a complimentary way towards Gilmour, fully defending his guitar solos.
Waters took to Twitter to express his frustration over a recently published piece about his alleged distaste for his former Pink Floyd bandmate’s work.

At the bottom of this article you can watch Roger Waters’ tweet that sums up the whole matter.

Waters’ words

“It’s the usual bullshit and misinformation nonsense,” Waters tweeted. “However, there is something in the article that I need to set the record straight,” he added.

The article, published in The New Statesman and written by journalist Stuart Maconie, reported that Waters’ recent decision to re-record The Dark Side of the Moon alone involved the removal of “as quoted by the Spanish newspaper El Paisthe work of David Gilmour, (that is) awful guitar solos”.
Nevertheless El Pais he did not cite any sources for this statement.

“Now, I don’t know who he thinks he’s referring to when he says Gilmour’s ‘horrible guitar solos’,” Waters said, “but it sure as hell isn’t me.”

The reason for the new album concept

In an interview with The Berliner Zeitung released earlier this month, Waters explained why he recorded The Dark Side of the Moon without the other members of Pink Floyd. “The new concept is meant to reflect on the meaning of the work, to bring out the heart and soul of the album,” he said, “musically and spiritually. I’m the only one singing my own songs on these new recordings, and there are no rock and roll guitar solos”.

Roger Waters: “I love Dave’s guitar solos”

Waters continued in his new statement, defending Gilmour’s work as a guitarist over many decades. “I was there,” he said. “I love Dave’s guitar solos on [The Dark Side of the Moon]both, and on [Wish You Were Here] come on Animals come on The Wall come on The Final Cut. In my view, however biased, Dave’s solos on those albums constitute a collection of some of the best guitar solos in rock and roll history. So, Stuart Maconie, you little prick, next time, please check your copy with the subjects of your filthy piece before you go to press.”

A long war between the two musicians

At loggerheads for years now, Waters and Gilmour recently feuded with social networking jabs over the release of Pink Floyd’s 2021 charity single, Hey hey rise up. Roger Waters had said he was against Gilmour’s collaboration with a Ukrainian musician. According to an English translation of the German newspaper interview Berliner Zeitung Appearing on Waters’ website, the 79-year-old musician has expressed a number of controversial views on Ukraine, Putin and Israel.
In the interview he lamented how it was “really, really sad” that his former bandmates recorded a protest song with Ukrainian musician Andrij Chlywnjuk. And he stated the following: “Putin has always stressed that he has no interest in conquering western Ukraine, nor in invading Poland or any other country across the border. He wants to protect the Russian-speaking populations in those parts of Ukraine where they Russian-speaking populations feel threatened by far-right governments influenced by the Maidan coup in Kiev, a coup widely accepted as being orchestrated by the United States.”
Last fall, the Pink Floyd co-founder spoke to the magazine Rolling Stone stating that he was on “a victim list supported by the Ukrainian government”.

A few weeks ago David Gilmour’s wife, Polly Samson (who was also the author of some Pink Floyd lyrics), accused Roger Water of being “anti-Semitic” and an “apologist for Putin”. Gilmour, agrees with the accusation, he retweeted his wife’s post, writing, “Every word demonstrably true.”

Below we show you Roger Waters’ tweet, written in defense of David Gilmour’s solos.