Roles in the family and gender issues, the meeting organized by Henkel on 1 December

On the 4Weeks4Inclusion platform

Division of roles in the family, gender issues and generational differences: these are the themes at the center of the meeting ‘Family Gap: domestic issues, gender issues?’ that Henkel, a German multinational active in the Laundry&Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesives sectors, will organize on 1 December, from 3:00 to 4:00 pm, live on the 4Weeks4Inclusion platform upon registration, and on the DonnaD Instagram page.

The conversation will focus on the data that emerged from a survey conducted by the Eumetra research institute on a sample of 2,000 individuals, aged between 18 and 55, part of the Henkel online magazine community, DonnaD Amica Trust me. This will be an opportunity to put the spotlight back on the issue of female empowerment, how important it is for a correct division of tasks to take place within the home, and the role that companies can play today in fostering an open dialogue on these topics.

Commenting on the research data, bringing their personal experience, prominent names from the world of journalism, literature and entertainment such as Michela Murgia, Claudia De Lillo, Aurora Ramazzotti and Papà per Selezione, supported by Mara Panajia President and CEO of Henkel Italia . Moderating the debate was Paride Vitale.

To follow the live event you can register for free at this link.