Rolling Stones, the new single Sweet Sounds on Heaven with Lady Gaga and Stevie Wonder

The Rolling Stones announced that the new single Sweet Sounds of Heaventhe second later Angry anticipates the 26th album Hackney Diamonds releasing October 20th, “will fall to this earth” on September 28th. The group published on social networks a short excerpt of the song written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, a collaboration with Lady Gaga’s voice and Stevie Wonder’s piano. As reported by Rolling Stone, the meeting between the pop star and the rock band took place in the recording studios. Microphone in hand, Lady Gaga cheered those present with extraordinary vocalizations: “She was sitting on the ground and singing” said guitarist Ronnie Wood “and Mick says to her: “Ok, now get up and let’s turn this thing into a song, let’s do things for good””. Wonder also commented on her subsequent performances: “It was beautiful to hear her sing with so much feeling.” This is how the “seven minutes and twenty-two seconds of sweet sounds of paradise” anticipated on social media.


The album Hackney Diamonds, presented exclusively in London with Jimmy Fallon, is the first released by the Rolling Stones after the death of drummer Charlie Watts and includes twelve tracks. Recorded all over the world, the album contains collaborations with illustrious guests, from Paul McCartney, who plays bass on the song Bite My Head Offto Elton John, who accompanies the songs on the piano Get Close And Live By the Swordup to the manufacturer Andrew Wyatt, which touches the bass strings right in Sweet Sounds of Heavenand to the late Watts, who gave the last guitar to the recordings of Mess It Up and of Live By the Sworda composition that also marks the return of the former bassist Bill Wyman.