Rolling Stones, the symbolic language of the rock band is inspired by the Goddess Kali

One of the most famous symbols in the history of rock – the Rolling Stones’ tongue with ruby ​​red lips – is explained for the first time in its inspiration: the Stones’ iconic mouth is inspired by the Indian goddess Kali.

This was revealed in these hours by Mick Jagger himself, who told the Indian media that their goddess is the basis of the British band’s logo.
Britain’s Victoria and Albert Museum, which holds the original artwork in its collections, calls it “one of the most instantly recognizable symbols of rock and roll in the world.”
And now we discover from the statements of the group’s frontman that the inspiration comes from the tongue and lips of the Hindu goddess.

The singer of one of the most famous rock groups in the history of humanity declared this in the last few hours during an interview given to Times of India.

Kali, usually depicted as a four-armed woman dressed in blue and with a long tongue protruding from her red lips, is revered by people as the goddess of destruction and time.
“My brother was one of the first travelers to India,” Jagger explained to Times of India. “He gave me some books to read. In 1969, I was looking for an attention-grabbing image, and I saw Kali’s tongue and talked to designer John Pasche about it, and he created a modernist version of it.”

The designer who created the symbol was paid £50

John Pasche, the designer who created the famous mouth with fiery lips and a lolling tongue, was paid £50 for that logo.
Two years later, he received another 200 in recognition of the success of that rock totem.

In 2008 the Victoria and Albert Museum purchased the original artwork from Pasche for £50,000.

From 1962 to today, the Stones have written the history of music

The Rolling Stones were formed in London in 1962, immediately becoming the biggest rock band on the globe.
Last month Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and co released Hackney Diamondsthe first album to arrive following the death of drummer Charlie Watts in 2019.

Hackney Diamonds is the first studio album from A Bigger Bang of 2005.
2023 is a historic date for Stones fans because, even if a record was released in 2016, it was a work of only covers. It was indeed Blue & Lonesome, which included only blues covers, no originals. Without taking anything away from this record, as it is their Grammy Award winning album and featured their brilliant versions of many of the blues songs that helped shape their sound, Hackney Diamonds it’s something else: a concentration of Stones creativity, energy and pure rock.

Hackney Diamonds it would have come out sooner if it weren’t for the pandemic

Jagger told the Los Angeles Times in October 2021 that Hackney Diamonds it would have been completed a long time ago if not for the pandemic.

Last month, the Rolling Stones teased their new album with an advert for a fake glass repair company called Hackney Diamonds that appeared in a London newspaper.

The ad text referenced several well-known songs by the band: “Our friendly team promises you satisfaction. When you say gimme shelter we’ll fix your shattered windows”. Brilliant, simply brilliant.