Rolling Stones, trailer and details on the documentary “The Stones and Brian Jones”

The official trailer for is out The Stones and Brian Joness, Nick Broomfield’s highly anticipated documentary on Brian Jones, co-founder of the Rolling Stones, out November 17th.
As for the Rolling Stones’ involvement, Broomfield says he knows Mick Jagger and more, but says “they’re extremely controlled,” so he didn’t involve them in the documentary.
The news of the documentary was reported exclusively in the last few hours by the American edition of the magazine Rolling Stone.

“According to Broomfield, the new Rolling Stones album, Hackney Diamonds (of which you can find a focus in the video above, at the head of this article, ed), represents the legendary English band’s best sound ‘for at least half a century’, and there’s no better time for the release of the new documentary The Stones and Brian Jones in cinemas and on video on demand”, we read in the article by Marlow Stern published on RS.
It is Stern who says that, when documentary director Nick Broomfield was only 14 years old, he had a chance meeting with Brian Jones, co-founder (and original leader) of the Rolling Stones.

You can watch the official trailer of the documentary The Stones and Brian Jones in the video you find at the bottom of this article.

The meeting between the documentary director and Brian Jones

They were on a train. Six years later, after being kicked out of the rock band, the guitarist (who was troubled by alcohol and drug abuse) was found lifeless at the bottom of his swimming pool in 1969 at the age of 27.

In the years since, the now 75-year-old director has made documentaries on figures such as serial killer Aileen Wuornos, Sarah Palin, Biggie and Tupac.
Nick Broomfield always wondered why this rock icon died so young. “Jones was alone on the train, I knocked on his door and we chatted for about twenty minutes,” Broomfield tells Rolling Stone. “He was middle class, kind and revealed to be a train enthusiast. He loved trains. And about six years later, he died. I always wondered what happened to that person who seemed so balanced, happy, famous and success”.

Broomfield: “Bill Wyman joined the project”

“One of the reasons there are no films about this period is that no one has ever been able to make one. So, we made this film and showed it to people afterwards,” Nick Broomfield explains to RS. “Bill Wyman joined the project, which was great because he was the guy who kept the diary and wrote down everything about the Stones. He has all these diaries in his study, every day he kept a notebook of what was going on.”

Broomfield reveals that it took him and his team several years to collect all the archival material used in The Stones and Brian Jones. “Most of the footage had never been seen before,” added Nick Broomfield.
He employed three full-time archivists and collected a large amount of material because he wanted the audience to be immersed in the 1960s and didn’t want to distract them with modern-day interviews.
“When we showed the film to Bill Wyman, the guy who has all the archival material and is therefore the archivist was surprised because he had never seen it before,” Broomfield said. “I think when you can surprise even the Rolling Stones’ personal archivist, you’re doing well.”

The Stones and Brian Jones it is “a celebration of the Rolling Stones” that explores “the power struggle” between Jones and Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, according to Nick Broomfield.
Marlow Stern by Rolling Stone concludes with the words: “And it should put to rest any bizarre conspiracy theories regarding Jones’ death.”

You can watch the official trailer of the documentary The Stones and Brian Jones in the video you find in the following clip.