Roma-Milan, so Pioli at the press conference

The statements of the Rossoneri coach on the eve of the away game in Rome

Milan busy tomorrow at the Olimpico in Rome against the Giallorossi team coached by Jose Mourinho. Today mister Pioli presented the match in this way at the press conference. Here is an excerpt from the statements: “Giroud is fine. He needed to rest for a few days but is available to play. Leao has always been part of the project. In any season, any player cannot be 100% for 10 months, now he’s fine and positive performances also serve to have enthusiasm, confidence and courage. We expect a lot from Leao, that’s clear. Ibrahimovic is a little better, we’ll see in the next few days. He won’t be available together with Pobega – he’s in less pain than first, let’s hope it won’t be a long absence – and Florenzi, who has had the flu in the last few hours.

Leao in recent years is the player who has been in my office the most, so my bond with him is very strong. Bennacer’s position depends on the attitudes of the opposing team. We work a lot on these situations, but it’s also the opponents who determine the spaces we’re going to occupy. Having flexible players is very important to us: for example, I know that Bennacer and Krunic can be moved in position without problems.” for Adnkronos