Roma-Seville, Mourinho: “Deserved Europa League Final”

The Giallorossi coach: “Future? I have nothing in hand. Dybala can play for 20-30 minutes”

“It was a long journey, we played 14 games to get here. I already said last week that we want to play in this final and we deserve it. We are just waiting for this, in the last 3 days we have worked to be in condition and fight for the title “. She said it the Roma coach, José Mourinho, on the eve of the Europa League final with Sevilla.

“In the last 2 months we’ve played in the quarterfinals, semifinals, championship, injuries and we haven’t had much time to work. We’ve tried to recover and stay as good as possible. For Sevilla, playing in the Europa League final is a normal thing, for us it’s an extraordinary event. For their fans, traveling to a final is like going away in the league, for ours it will be unforgettable,” added Mourinho, who apparently will only have Paulo Dybala at his disposal for a portion of the match: “He has 20-30 minutes”.

Future chapter: “What will I do? I spoke to my two captains and they asked me a question similar to this one. I answered them objectively. The situation is different than when I left Inter, because I hadn’t signed with Real Madrid but it was all done. Now I have nothing. I’m thinking about tomorrow and what we want to do, because we want to play.”