Rome, 13-year-old died at school: forced indictment for the teacher

The Public Prosecutor’s request for dismissal was rejected. For the magistrate, the accusation of manslaughter must be formulated against the teacher for “violation of a specific duty of vigilance”

The investigating judge of Rome rejected the prosecutor’s request for dismissal and ordered the compulsory indictment of a professor of the Santa Maria Institute where in October 2017 the 13-year-old Stefano Bacigalupo died after falling down the stairwell. For the prosecutor it was a voluntary gesture, an assessment not shared by the boy’s parents, assisted by the lawyers Stefano Maccioni and Sergio Maglio.

In the provision with which the investigating judge Gaspare Sturzo asks the prosecutor to formulate a new indictment against the teacherfor the charge of manslaughter, we read that the teacher would have stayed to chat with a colleague, thus incurring the “violation of a specific supervisory duty“: a behavior that “has determined or in any case has been part of the causal development that has allowed” the boy “to find himself without any supervision near a dangerous place such as the railing on the upper floor and for goliardia or by pushing or by his own decision , fall into the void and lose their lives”. For three directors of the institute however, on which the archiving had already been decided, a complaint is pending which will be decided on June 20th.

“Finally we heard that no one watched over our son in a dangerous place like that ladder during school hours and that he didn’t go up alone, nor can we say whether there was a brawl, a joke or a voluntary gesture, but That it is certain that what happened could have been avoided” comment the parents of the 13-year-old, Gianmarco and Angela Mattiello. “After 5 years of incomprehensible negligence, a step towards the truth; but the indignation remains for the lost time. Moreover, the managers of the Santa Maria Institute have not shown us any closeness” they add.