Rome, 43-year-old arrested for Fiore murder. The cell phone betrayed him

It was in a hotel

The 43-year-old arrested by the police last night for the murder of Andrea Fiore was betrayed by his cell phone. Investigators identified him in a hotel in Aranova, after locating his phone. The 54-year-old Fiore was killed in his apartment in via Pisoni al Quadraro with a gunshot to the chest. The 43-year-old is seriously suspected of being the accomplice of another arrested in recent days for the same crime. Fiore’s murder, according to the arrest warrant, was allegedly planned ”carefully, down to the smallest detail”. At around 9.30 pm on 26 March, according to the decree, the two arrested, who falsely presented themselves ”as belonging to the forces of order”, took a man from the street. ”They took him inside their car” and then ”they punched him in the face and threatened him with death if he did not cooperate by providing the requested information”. In particular they wanted to know ”the bond” between Andrea Fiore and “Gigio”, the nickname of another victim of an ambush with guns in the previous days.

The first arrested in recent days, the decree continues, demonstrated ”criminal cunning and ruthlessness far superior to any reasonable consideration”. Furthermore, during the criminal action, “he did not show any hesitation”.