Rome accident, boy under investigation driving the Lamborghini SUV: social challenge hypothesis

An investigation has been opened for road homicide: a 5-year-old boy died in yesterday’s clash in the Casal Palocco area, his mother and little sister injured. Cell phones of young people on board the SUV seized

There Rome prosecutor has opened an investigation into road homicide after yesterday afternoon’s serious road accident in the Casal Palocco area in which a 5-year-old boy lost his life. The little boy was in a Smart Forfour, on which he was traveling with his mother and four-year-old sister who were injured, which collided with a Lamborghini SUV with five boys on board. The young man driving the car, which had been rented, is now under investigation while the positions of the other four young people are being examined by the judicial authority in the investigation coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Michele Prestipino. A consultancy will then be entrusted by the Rome prosecutor’s office to ascertain the speed at which the Lamborghini SUV was traveling when it collided with the Smart Forfour.


The investigations will therefore also have to ascertain any responsibility of the other young people present in the car e check if in the previous moments they were shooting a video to then post on social networks for an online challenge and if they somehow ‘incited’ the boy to drive. Four boys and a girl, all in their twenties, who were aboard the SUV.

Meanwhile, right on seized cell phones from the agents of the local police of Rome to the young people present on the SUV, analyzes will be carried out to understand if they were making videos for a social challenge. Investigators are also examining images from cameras in the area that may have captured the passage of the car.


The tragic accident took place yesterday between via di Macchia Saponara and via Archelao di Mileto: the Lamborgini SUV collided with the Smart Forfour in which the child was traveling together with his 29-year-old mother and his 4-year-old sister, both then transported in code red to the S. Eugenio hospital. Instead, the child was rescued in desperate conditions and transported to the Grassi hospital in Ostia, where he later died. The twenty-year-olds aboard the SUV were instead transported to various hospitals for checks.