Rome, alleged gang of the hole: arrested they return free

The arrest was validated without precautionary measures. Process in late December. The two men to the judge: “We passed there by chance”

They come back free AP and MM, the two Neapolitans with precedents arrested yesterday in via Innocenzo XI in Rome in the context of the alleged band of the hole. At the end of the direct hearing, the judge validated the arrest by not applying a precautionary measure against the two and set the start of the trial for December 20.

The two men reject all accusations and say they do not know the other two alleged accomplices after the collapse of the ground of the tunnel dug from inside a vacant shop in the Aurelio district in Rome. AP, 46, and MM, 57, appeared in court this morning. “We were passing by car by chance and we saw a boy asking for help – the two arrested for resistance and damage said in the courtroom – when we saw the tunnel in the floor we were afraid and we left. pulled up a car and I saw the guns but we did not understand that they were carabinieri because it was a bad car “. The prosecutor had asked the two to be remanded in prison.