Rome, Andrea Costantino returns to prison: house cameras for law enforcement checks

Andrea Costantino, father of the brothers Emanuele and Alessio, victims of the attempted double murder which occurred in Rome on 13 July 2021 in the Alessandrino district, is back in prison. An ambush for which Raul Esteban Calderon, already on trial also for the murder of Fabrizio Piscitelli known as ‘Diabolik’, and Giuseppe Molisso, a 40-year-old multiple convicted felon, believed to have instigated the attempted double murder, were convicted: the first was sentenced to 12 years in an abbreviated rite and the second at 14 years. The brothers’ father Costantino, known as ‘Er Vegetable’, a figure known to the police and arrested by the Carabinieri in a 2015 operation, is serving multiple sentences for crimes ranging from extortion to usury.

More recently, the 51-year-old man had come to terms with a prominent Camorra figure in Rome because his sons Alessio d Emanuele had mocked the boss’ nephew by filming the incident on their cell phone and sharing it online. Precisely after that event the two brothers were victims of the attempted double murder. Costantino was under house arrest after the capital’s supervisory court in September 2022 accepted the request to defer the sentence for health reasons. An attenuation of the measure which was however revoked in recent days.

From some checks carried out by the Carabinieri of Tor Bella Monaca, it emerged that Costantino had, among other things, installed cameras on the sides of his house to verify the arrival of the police. Not only. From investigations in the world of drugs last January the police also discovered that on three occasions the cars used for a drug dealing activity had been rented by the company of Costantino’s children, who lived with their father and whose headquarters coincides with their home. A company which among other things, as emerged from the investigations, through ”omissive and incomplete” contracts rents cars to people who are difficult to trace without leaving traces of payments. Finally, what triggered the supervisory magistrate’s decision to send the 51-year-old back to prison was the fact that the man was under house arrest with his children, already burdened by criminal records and one of whom is also co-accused in one of his own process.