Rome, at via Summer Slam Park: music, cinema and street art at Alessandria

From the next few days, a new piece will be added to the Roman summer programming: the Summer Slam Park, an elevated square in the Alessandrino district dreamed and created by the Metabolica association in collaboration with Fusolab where accessibility, eco-sustainability, heterogeneity and innovation together compose a new language cultural that is aimed at everyone, in a broader declination in the paradigm of inclusion and social cohesion. An innovative format with a variegated and transversal calendar that from 2 to 11 and from 25 to 31 August will aim at weaving interactions and synergies in the eastern suburbs of Rome, healing cracks and fractures through cultural events and urban redevelopment interventions. The project, promoted by Roma Capitale – Department of Culture, is the winner of the Public Notice “Roman Summer 2022 – Let’s rekindle the city, Together” edited by the Cultural Activities Department and is carried out in collaboration with Siae.

Summer Slam Park is a seventeen-day free admission event where music, cinema, theater, a / v digital performance and street art are combined by addressing both more traditional and popular proposals and different genres and new environmental, sound and digital stimuli with aspiration to aggregate citizenship in a shared experience. The distinctive feature also lies in the many collateral activities, many of which are dedicated to minors, both in terms of entertainment and sport and training.

The bill, divided into two tranches – the first from 2 to 11 and the second from 25 to 31 August – offers a cinema arena with premieres released in the cinemas in the last two years; a concert stage with undisputed protagonists of the Roman and national scene (Assalti Frontali, Brusco, Area 765, Patrizio Maria, Easy Skankers); theater-song evenings with spearheads such as Ivan Talarico and Andrea Rivera and stand-up cabaret with Stefano Vigilante, Paolo Pesce Nanna and Astronza; two dates of A / V performance of digital art with the collectives FLxER and Fusolart; live painting interventions by a.DNA Collective which, thanks to the street art interventions of the artists Omuf and Teddy Killer, transform this space into an open-air canvas. All events are free admission without the need for reservations.

Summer Slam Park is a real neighborhood square that represents a dream. In fact, the event takes place at the Casilino Sky Park, a panoramic terrace of 3,800 square meters built on the top floor of the parking lot of an unused and disused shopping center for years, already inaugurated last May by the mayor Roberto Gualtieri. An urban redevelopment project in the eastern outskirts of the capital where sociality, sport and culture form a single common denominator.

A sky park, the first in Rome and one of the first in Europe, where you can spend the day training in the open air gym or on the panoramic running track, play padel or pickleball, watch a show or watch a film, play with their children, work in coworking spaces or simply enjoy the breathtaking sunset from a height of 17 meters. The project will have a reduced environmental impact throughout its life cycle with eco-sustainable installations, solar panel power supply and a collaboration with Tree-Nation which involves the planting of a tree for each user of the project, in order to compensate for Co2 emissions. generated by the activities carried out.

Summer Slam Park wants to rekindle the life of the neighborhoods leaving a legacy capable of making the community reflect. Because the city does not change only through concrete and urban planning but also and above all by creating spaces for social interaction.