Rome, Candela: “Mourinho is leaving? He’s important, I hope he renews”

“Yesterday the team went very well, he showed quality. Dybala is very strong, you have to pamper him to make him stay. And nobody beats the Romans in this”

“Mourinho is leaving Roma? People don’t know what to say and so they say he will leave.” He told Adnkronos Vincent Candela, former Roma player, commenting on the 1-0 victory over Bayer Leverkusen of the Giallorossi in the first leg of the Europa League semi-final played yesterday. “He is important, he transmits a lot to the team. Above all the mentality, we saw it yesterday too. This cycle is very useful for Roma. I even hope for a renewal, it would be a good move to give security and stability to the whole environment. We will see at the end of the season the choices that will be made, now let’s stay focused on the match and the season finale, then we’ll see” says the Frenchman.

“Yesterday Roma went very well, I was at the Stadio Olimpico and it was a great emotion given that the Europa League final is up for grabs”, he commented again to Adnkronos speaking of the Giallorossi’s success. “The defense and midfield did well, it wasn’t an easy match but in the end the goal arrived. Roma have the qualities, they demonstrated them yesterday. The return will be more difficult because we play away from home, but I remain confident We need to think positively – he concludes – prepare the second leg carefully and play this fundamental challenge in the best possible way”.

And again: “Dybala is very strong, he is a world champion and on the pitch you can see a clear difference when he plays, I hope he is recovered for the return”.

“Between Paulo and Roma, a very strong love immediately developed from the first moment and this could be a good reason to stay, none of this happens elsewhere. The Argentine has a good relationship with everyone: coach, club, Rome as a city, of which he now feels he belongs. You have to pamper him to make him stay and the Romans don’t beat them in this. I think Dybala too – he concludes – was impressed by the affection received”.