Rome capital of hi-tech innovations in vascular surgery

From Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 May, international experts meet at ‘Endograft’. At the center of the congress, the new frontiers of interventions, prostheses and materials, between innovative endovascular techniques and latest generation devices. The objective is increasingly minimally invasive operations and lower risks of post-operative complications

Rome is the international capital, for three days, of technological innovations in vascular surgery. In the Corsie Sistine of the monumental complex of Santo Spirito in Sassia, considered the oldest in Europe, ‘Endograft’, an international conference on new endovascular surgery techniques, now in its second edition, will be held from Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 May. Course director is Professor Nicola Mangialardi, director of the UOC of Vascular Surgery of the San Camillo-Forlanini hospital in Rome.

At the heart of ‘Endograft’ are the new frontiers of interventions, prostheses and materials in the field of vascular surgery, between innovative endovascular techniques and latest generation devices – the organizers underline in a note – to achieve new levels of mini-invasiveness and reduce the risk of post-operative complications.

The conference will be an opportunity for surgeons from different countries around the globe to meet and exchange ideas to share experiences and new techniques. And to compete internationally on technological innovation applied to vascular surgery. Many innovations under the spotlight, including numerous interventions presented as ‘live in the box’ and virtual reality applied to vascular surgery. The metaverse is now increasingly used also in medicine and surgery and its applications involve at least three fields: training, simulation of operations, with potential advantages for surgeons, who can practice virtually before putting their hands on a patient in reality, and sharing of the clinical case for the planning of the best surgical strategy.