Rome, chase between Bracciano and Civitavecchia: shots in the air and carabinieri injured

Crazy rush on the Via Aurelia today, 44 year old arrested

Crazy chase around 12.30 in via Aurelia, between Bracciano and Civitavecchia, in the province of Rome, with shots fired in the air in an attempt to stop the car. The carabinieri were reportedly injured. The man driving the white Doblò is a 44-year-old Italian who caused panic between Bracciano and Civitavecchia at 12.30 today. Stopped and taken to the barracks, his position is under investigation. In fact, it will be necessary to reconstruct the dynamics of the facts and trace the owners of the cars rammed by the van during the escape.

The facts. It all started this morning from Ladispoli, where the theft of a white Doblò was reported to the Carabinieri of Civitavecchia. After a few minutes he was intercepted in Bracciano but, despite the halt, he ordered to flee towards Civitavecchia. There were several reckless maneuvers in the traffic on the Via Aurelia, numerous cars on the road were hit by the Doblò which, intercepted in Civitavecchia by other patrols via radio, didn’t even stop when a plainclothes carabiniere stopped and actually attempted to run him over. It was at that point that the soldier fired several shots with his service pistol towards the tyres, forcing the van to stop in the car park a few meters away, in the Riva di Traiano tourist port.