Rome, De Angelis: “Ruberti apologized the day after dinner”

At Adnkronos, the provincial leader of the center-left is among the protagonists, despite himself, of the video of the scandal with the former head of cabinet of the Capitol

(from the correspondent Silvia Mancinelli) – “I started that discussion, damn me. I was talking about Juve, of which I am a huge fan, about our formation and that of Real Madrid. But I never imagined it would end like that. When we got to talk about Rome and Lazio, what happened happened, there were those who had drunk who were altered and already latent problems have ignited with that football fuse“. Francesco De Angelis, provincial leader of the center-left and among the protagonists – despite himself – of the video of the scandal with the former head of cabinet of the Municipality of Rome Albino Ruberti, admits to the Adnkronos “the absurdity” of that quarrel that – he guarantees – “really started from a penalty”.

“The regional leaders of the Democratic Party showed me their solidarity. Zingaretti himself – he underlines – wrote me a message. And Ruberti? With him I cleared up the day after that bad dinner, it was he who apologized. If I took a step back, politically speaking, I owe it only to the respect I have for the party. I believe in it and I always believe in it “.

“People here in Frosinone know me, I walk with my head held high – reiterates the President of the Consortium for Industrial Development of Frosinone – I withdrew my candidacy for Parliament to prevent the electoral campaign from focusing on this absurd story, the fault of the usual easy As for my position in the Consortium, no, I am not resigning simply because I have not done anything. There is a shameful attack built on nothing. Who sent the video? I don’t even want to think about it. Rather, I trust that the electoral campaign will resume adequately “.