Rome, Elena Aubry death: 7 indictments and one conviction

The mother: “Tragedies like this must not be repeated”

Seven indictments and a summary sentence of 2 years: the judge of Rome decided it at the end of the preliminary hearing in the proceeding for the death of Elena Aubry, the 26-year-old who died in May 2018 in a motorcycle accident in via Ostiense due to the instability of the road surface.

Among the defendants, accused of road homicide in competition, there are six municipal officials, including the last two directors of the Simu (department for infrastructure development and urban maintenance) while the abbreviated 2-year sentence was decided for Alessandro Di Carlo, head of the Surveillance of the winning company for the road maintenance contract. The start of the trial is set for July 9, 2024 before the seventh criminal section.

The mother: “Tragedies like this must not be repeated”. “2024 worries me, I will die before the trial begins” says Elena Aubry’s mother, Graziella Viviano. “The sentence will be decided by the judge but it must be such as to prevent what happened to Elena from happening again. I saw the street where Elena died two hours after the accident, and I saw that the maintenance was non-existent. Elena died because of a system – she added – and I hope this tragedy does not repeat itself ”.