Rome, environmentalists smear Van Gogh’s painting

‘Struck’ with the pea sauce ‘Il Sematore’ from 1888

Blitz of ‘Ultima Generazione’ at the Van Gogh exhibition at Palazzo Bonaparte in Rome. The carabinieri intervened on the spot. “‘Hit’ with the pea sauce ‘Il Sematore’ from 1888 by Vincent Van Gogh, within the internationally important exhibition dedicated to him”, says ‘Ultima Generazione’ in a note.

“Everything that we would have the right to see in our present and in our future – observes ‘Ultima Generazione’ – is being overshadowed by a real and imminent catastrophe, just as this pea pass has covered the work in the fields (therefore the possibility of food security), the farmer’s house (therefore the right not to be forced to migrate), the energy released throughout the scene by the Sun (therefore the necessary investment in a just energy transition). minute on the front pages of news channels and political agendas, but instead they are attention only with ‘scandalous’ actions such as this morning or the previous, similar ones, carried out in the United Kingdom by Just Stop Oil or in Germany by Letzte Generation, part, as the latest generation, of the international A22 network “.

“Once again, therefore, a desperate cry, and scientifically founded – which cannot be understood as simple vandalism (the painting, protected by a glass, has not been damaged, as was the intention of the townspeople), but of the manifestation of a visceral love for life and for art, which can be protected only through serious and timely intervention by governments – the activists continue – For this reason, direct nonviolent actions will continue until citizens have a response from their government on the requests to stop gas and coal and investment in at least 20 GW of renewables “.