Rome Film Fest 2022: presented the program including films, guests and TV series

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Enough press conferences on Zoom, festivals are finally starting to live again in the presence even from the preliminary stages and “cinema starts again in the hall”. Today the official presentation of the program of the 17th edition of the Rome Film Fest, directed by Paola Malanga and organized in just five months. “In five months we have tried to give color to this party / festival. A party that breathes the air of time, of the present that still bears the signs of two years of pandemic, of the war in Ukraine, so in various sections you will find these fil rouge “said Malanga before making known the program divided into various sections. The films will be screened in 15 cinemas throughout the capital, including the Nuovo Sacher, the Casa del Cinema, the Maxxi and the Giulio Cesare cinema, as well as of course the Auditorium which remains the heart of the event with the red carpet ready to welcome the Italian and international stars.

The confirmed guests and the most anticipated ones

Between confirmed first names Ethan Hawke, Jennifer LawrenceMarco Giallini, Edoardo Leo, Pierfrancesco Favino, Sally Hawkins, Ewan McGregor, James Ivory, Margaret Qualley, Louis Garrell, Riccardo Scamarcio, Michele Placido, Luc Besson, Isabelle Huppert, but more names will be announced in the coming days. There could also be Lily James, Emma Thompson, Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor Joy, Nicholas Hoult, Nicolas Cage, judging by the artistic cast of the various films in the program. However there is a section called “Paso Doble” which provides a series of encounters with two characters who will talk about cinema among themselves, but these too will be announced shortly.

An authorial contest

The opening film, as announced a few days ago, will be The Hummingbird by Francesca Archibugi but on the first day of the party the Lifetime Achievement Award to James Ivory and a will be done homage to Luciano Pavarotti and then set off in the following days with a competition with a more authorial character, except for some more commercial exceptions. 16 titles that we tell you below:

  • Alamfirst feature by Firas Khoury: set in a Palestinian high school, the film introduces us to a new generation of Arab Israelis neglected by the media usually because they reject violence.
  • Cuba 1971the only documentary in competition by Pavel Giroud on Padilla, a writer who in 1971 made a retraction of his work in front of friends and intellectuals. The director used material that emerged from government archives after 50 years.
  • Causewaythe first film produced and starring Jennifer Lawrence who plays the role of a war veteran in the film with major post trauma.
  • The cure by Francesco Patierno set in Naples during the first lockdown with a film crew is shooting La Peste, an adaptation of the 20th century novel.
  • Foudre by Carmen Jaquier: a young protagonist is about to become a nun, but is called back to her family due to the death of her sister and has to take care of the grandchildren she does not know.
  • Houria by Mounia Meddour: sophisticated and popular film at the same time, a metaphor for Algerian women. The protagonist is a dancer who, although disabled, does not stop dancing.
  • In a land that no longer exists, a German film set in East Berlin in 1988 and ended three months before the fall of the wall. An autobiographical story with a girl expelled from school who starts working in a factory, but is noticed by a fashion photographer and ends up in Sibylle, the German Vogue.
  • January by Viesturs Kairiss, after the fall of the wall with aspiring filmmakers intent on making films until the Soviet tanks turn their camera around.
  • Jeaong-SunKorean film by Jeong Ji-hive about a middle-aged worker who badly ventures into the digital world and becomes the victim of a form of cyber bullying.
  • The Hotel by Wang Xiaoshuai: to celebrate the Chinese New Year in 2000 in Thailand, the protagonist is stuck there for two weeks and shoots this film with extraordinary power and energy.
  • The dead remain with their mouths open by Fabrizio Ferraro, experimental film on partisans.
  • Ramona by Andrea Bagney: Spanish comedy with an aspiring 30-year-old actress played by Lourdes Hernandez, a famous singer in Spain.
  • Raymond & Ray, two half-brothers meet at the funeral of an unloved father. Produced by Alfonso Cuaron, with Ethan Hawke and Ewan McGregor in the cast.
  • Sanctuary by Zachary Wigon: in a luxury hotel Margaret Qualley and Christopher Abbot, respectively a dominatrix escort and her client in a gender alternation.
  • Shtll by Ady Walter: the shtll is a small village mostly inhabited by Jews now there is no longer an intact shtll. This film for Ukraine was a productive effort because it takes place in a shtll on the border with Poland with a young man who works in the cinema in Odessa and returns to his country the day before the Nazi invasion. For the film, a shtll 60km from Kiev was reconstructed with the intention of the producers to leave it intact as a museum at the end of the film, but with the war it was destroyed and is no longer there.
  • The Tour by Guillaume Nicloux, a dystopian variation of the pandemic experience.

The Grand Public section with many stars

There will be a secret one-shot screening that will be unveiled at the last moment, but we only know that it is a romantic comedy by a well-known author. Then, among the more mainstream titles in this section we find the highly anticipated Amsterdam by David O. Russell with a stellar cast, including Margot Robbie And Christian Bale, Astolfo by Gianni De Gregorio, the gay romantic comedy Bros by Nicholas Stoller with a cast completely part of the LGBTQ + community, Butcher’s Crossing with Nicolas Cage as a bison hunter, It was time by Alessandro Aronadio, The Lost King by Stephen Frears with Sally Hawkins and Steve Coogan, the culinary black comedy The Menu with Ralph FiennesNicholas Hoult and Anya Taylor Joy, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris by Anthony Fabian, The Shadow of Caravaggio by Michele Placido with Riccardo Scamarcio in the shoes of the famous artist, The Prince of Rome by Edoardo Falcone with Marco Giallini, Let’s rob the Duce by Renato De Maria, The Strange by Roberto Andò with Toni Servillo in the role of Pirandello and Ficarra and Picone, War – The Desired War by Gianni Zanasi, What’s love got to do with it? with Emma Thompson and Lily James e Rheingold by Fatih Akin.

Other collateral sections

On the official website of the Rome Film Fest you can find the complete list of the titles that make up the various collateral sections. The “Best Of” section will collect some films presented at Sundance and the San Sebastian festival. The section Freestyle includes 25 titles of free format and style, from TV series to video clips, from documentaries to video art:

  • 75 – Ronconi Venice Biennale by Jacopo Quadri
  • Slum by Francesco Pividori, written by the D’Innocenzo brothers
  • California by Cinzia Bomoli
  • Daniel Pennac: I saw Maradona! by Ximo Solano
  • Dario Fo: The last funny mystery by Gianluca Rame
  • Trinaed to See – Three woman and the War by Luzia Schmid
  • The Divine Comet by Mimmo Paladino

TV series:

  • The last movie star by Ethan Hawke
  • Django – The series from Francesca Comencini with Noomi Rapace and Matthias Schoenaerts
  • Enrico Cattaneo / White Noise by Francesco Clerici and Ruggero Gabbai
  • Er gol de Turone was Bono by Francesco Miccichè and Lorenzo Rossi Espagnet (madness that has lasted for 40 years)
  • Jane Campion, The Cinema Woman by Julie Bertuccelli
  • Jazz Set by Steve Della Casa and Caterina Taricano
  • Life is not a game by Antonio Valerio Spera
  • LOLA by Andrew Legge
  • Louis Armstrong ‘Black & Blues by Sacha Jenkins produced by Ron Howard
  • Lynch / Oz by Alexandre O. Philippe exploring The Wizard of Oz through Lynch’s cinema
  • The Accursed by Giulio Base
  • Nino Best. I travel around my room by Elisabetta Sgarbi
  • La Paz of the Future by Francesco Clerici and Luca Previtali
  • Romulus II – The War for Rome by Matteo Rovere and Enrico Maria Artale
  • Self-Portrait as a Coffe Pot by William Kentridge
  • I’m Lillo by Eros Puglielli “what’s the point of being Posaman”
  • Souvenir of Italy by Giorgio Verdelli