Rome Film Festival, Kasia Smutniak: “With MUR I talk about the walls that divide Europe”

After Paola Cortellesi’s directorial debut with her “There’s Still Tomorrow”, premiered yesterday at the Rome Film Festival, today it is the turn of Kasia Smutniak, an actress of Polish origin but Italian by choice, who has she also decided to get behind the camera for the first time. She does it with her MUR, a documentary film, already presented as a world premiere at the TIFF DOCS at the Toronto International Film Festival 2023 and today as an Italian premiere at the Rome Film Festival in the Special Screening section. Produced by Fandango in association with Luce Cinecittà, which will be distributing it in cinemas from 20 October, its protagonist is a wall, the one under construction between European Poland and Belarus, erected to prevent the entry of migrants. A steel border barrier 186 km long and 6 meters high which for Smutniak became the inspiration for creating a very intense work which is both a strong political denunciation and a touching personal diary.

Smutniak herself tells the story and through this work says she has rediscovered many other walls that were part of her life. “It’s somehow an obsession that I wanted to analyze. An obsession with that wall that became so strong that I couldn’t do anything else with my life.” But the issue is not only strictly personal but also political. Again Smutniak: “A barrier, a wall that encloses peoples, people, places, animals, the land, are part of our times. In Europe there are 19 of them and another 12 are waiting for the green light to be built. And perhaps Europe is no longer that thing that is still in our heads, but has long since become something else. Walls bring consequences. Today, precisely today, we are able to see what kind of consequences a division, a barrier, indeed a wall.”.