Rome, fire in the building in Colli Aniene: one dead and 17 injured and intoxicated

The flames in via Edoardo d’Onofrio have enveloped a building under renovation. Over 100 displaced people

A man is dead and at least 17 other people were involved in the fire that broke out today, June 2, in Rome in a building under renovation in the Colli Aniene area. Seven people were burned, three of them seriously and at least ten were intoxicated. Among the people involved there is even a minorhospitalized for observation in the Pediatrics of the Sant’Eugenio Hospital.

The eight-story building in via Edoardo d’Onofrio it caught fire around 14.00. A’tall column of black smoke rose from the building: the flames involved the construction site scaffolding and reached the seventh floor. The victim is an 80 year old was killed while he was descending from the upper floors to safety but was overwhelmed by the smoke. He was fucking Antonio D’Amato and was originally from Velletri. According to what was reconstructed, he would have died from inhalations even if several burns were found on his body.

“Several Explosions, Then Hell”

“We heard several explosions and ran out into the street, we are in slippers.” This is how some residents of nearby buildings tell of the first moments of the fire. “We heard a roar and we looked out, a column of smoke rose in front of us – add the girls who work in the shop that is right in front of the building – Shortly after we also saw the flames. Then it was hell, We didn’t understand anything anymore.”

Uninhabitable building and over 100 displaced people

After putting out the flames, the firefighters inspected the apartments to rule out the presence of other residents involved. But the smoke still comes out of the building. The part most damaged from the outside is that of the first floor: the flames could have started from there but the exact causes of the fire are still under investigation. The public prosecutor’s office in Rome was also on site for the inspection. “The the building is unusable and there are over 100 displaced people“, says the Councilor for Heritage and Housing Policies of Rome, Tobia Zevi. “The civil protection of Rome Capital has identified at least two gyms where the displaced people will be housed for tonight and also for tomorrow night in the expectation of finding other solutions, as well as hotels, from Monday because they are all full at the weekend”, explains Zevi.

The condolences of the mayor of Rome and the president of the Lazio Region

“It’s minutes, terrible hours, those that Colli Aniene is experiencing on this day of celebration. Many injured, even seriously, and at the moment one confirmed victim. But it is feared that the budget could grow“, writes the president of the Lazio Region, Francesco Rocca in a note. “I express my deepest condolences, on behalf of the regional council, to the family of the victim of the fire and – adds Rocca – my deepest solidarity to the injured and their families . I also want to thank the Firefighters, the Police Forces, the women and men of 118 and the many health workers of the Umberto I Policlinico, San Giovanni and S. Eugenio who are tirelessly engaged in treatment. I am following the rescue operations and will continue to do so”.

Even the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri on Twitter let it be known that he is “following with anguish the rescue operations of the terrible fire that involved 7 floors of a building under renovation in Colli Aniene. I cling to the pain of the victim’s family and express my solidarity with all the injured. We are close to the families affected by this tragedy and we will support them in every way”, he assures, stating that he is “in contact with the Prefect Giannini, the President Umberti, the councilor Zevi, and the Civil Protection of Rome Capital that are operational on site – adds Gualtieri – to meet all needs”. “Thanks to all the rescuers, the firefighters, the management of Sant’Eugenio and all the health workers who are giving their best to take care of the people involved”.