Rome: from ‘Tappami’ to padel, Davoli is the king of enthusiast chats

In the Capital he is known as the Angel of the Holes; now he is the “King of the Chats” (of padel): Cristiano Davoli, a Roman entrepreneur, for years dedicated himself – and in reality he never stopped – to civic volunteering in the city of Rome and in other Italian cities, securing with his association “Tappami” thousands of potholes on the Capitoline roads and beyond. For eight years he has made himself available to the administration of Rome Capital to lend a hand in this sector, where resources are scarce. But the Municipality, regardless of the political color it has assumed in recent years, has not (yet) accepted Tappami’s free offer.

While waiting for the Capitoline administration to contact him, Cristiano Davoli is using his free time dedicating himself to the sporting and amateur phenomenon of the moment: the padel: from Angelo delle buche he became King of chats: registered in over 50 whatsapp groups of clubs Roman, national but also international sportsmen, Cristiano is on the hunt for “open matches” to train, devote himself to the sporting activity that fascinates him and, soon, become a padel instructor. And he wonders if between one chat and another the mayor may not appear who, with the excuse of a match on the padel field, will ask him to plug some holes.