Rome, Huijsen one step away from Juventus

Onerous loan for the defender born in 2005, he will wear the Giallorossi shirt

Roma and Juventus are finalizing the negotiations for Dean Huijsen’s move to the Giallorossi: the Dutch defender will move to the Giallorossi with the onerous loan formula. Depending on attendance, the Capitoline team will recover the amount spent on the valorization.

In the next few hours the defender born in 2005 will leave for Rome where he will carry out medical visits and will already be available for the match against Atalanta on Sunday. A young player from the Giallorossi Spring team destined for Juventus could be included in the deal: the main suspect is Luigi Cherubini, winger Primavera class of 2004 who has already made his debut in the first team.