Rome, illegal tunnel excavated from vacant shop: hypothesis band of the hole

Meanwhile, the man trapped for 8 hours in the excavation was saved, two arrests and two complaints. They investigate the carabinieri

The man who was trapped for eight hours – and then rescued by the fire brigade – is not a worker five-meter tunnel dug from a vacant shop in via Innocenzo XI in Rome. In fact, according to what is learned, three other people were stopped for investigations in the vicinity. The hypothesiseven if the carabinieri are still reconstructing what happened, it is that the four were part of a hole band and they were digging the tunnel to land a hit in the next few days at a nearby bank. The gang would have started digging the tunnel probably last night starting from the shop towards the center of the road but this morning at 11.30 the ground collapsed.

Two, at the end of the day, the arrests for resisting a public official and two complaints for damage and culpable collapse against the alleged gang of the hole. The arrested are of Neapolitan origin while the referrals concern two Romans. Some of them have a specific history of theft. Carabinieri are conducting the investigation by delegation of the Public Prosecutor of Rome.