Rome, minor reduced to slavery: parents arrested

The police investigation coordinated by the Rome prosecutor’s office. “Forced to begging and betrothed to a stranger”

The parents of a fourteen-year-old girl arrested in Rome accused of enslavement and grievous bodily harm. After the investigations, coordinated by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, the agents of the State Police of the IV District of San Basilio yesterday morning carried out a precautionary custody order, issued by the investigating judge, at the request of the DDA against a couple, husband and wife, of Bosnian nationality, respectively aged 41 and 36, seriously suspected, concurrently, of the crimes of reduction or maintenance in slavery and of serious personal injury. Charges contested with the aggravating circumstance of having committed these crimes against the younger daughter.

The judge for preliminary investigations ordered the man to be placed in custody in prison, while the woman was subjected to house arrest. The investigations, which led to the issuing of the order, started from the statements made by the minor in the police offices, where she presented herself spontaneously last October, recounting, through tears, how much she had been forced to suffer for years, within their own family.

In fact, through physical and verbal violence, the minor was forced to live in hardship, forced to carry out household chores not required by a girl of her age, and forced to beg in the vicinity of a supermarket. Even the minor would have been promised in marriage to a stranger in exchange for money, despite her clear refusal. The girl, immediately after the complaint, was immediately placed in a secure facility.