Rome, more than 20,000 visitors to Casilino Sky Park, a redevelopment project between art, music and cinema

Over 20,000 visitors and more than 8,500 members for the first month and a half of opening in the second year of life of Casilino Sky Park, the panoramic square in the Alessandrino district conceived and created by Fusolab with the support of IGT and in collaboration with a.DNA Project and LifeGate. The “square that wasn’t there” – a multi-storey car park that has been disused and abandoned for years and is now a multi-purpose space of 4,000 m2 – combines accessibility, eco-sustainability and innovation in a hybrid language that expresses culture, well-being and sport according to the paradigm of inclusion and social cohesion.

A daily, transversal and heterogeneous offer, aimed at the whole city but with firm feet in that suburb where there are not many meeting spaces and where the first cinema open during the summer is a multiplex 12 km away. Casilino Sky Park continues, shouting its motto “Ce vojo crede”, with programming aimed at everyone and for all ages, every day from Tuesday to Sunday, from 5 to 2, until next 30 September. Music, cinema, socialising, concerts, DJ sets, theatre, performances, live painting, rock’n’roll and roller disco dance evenings, boxing matches and padel matches, open-air gym, panoramic slope, playground and climbing area for children, ping pong and table football, mixology and lounge area.

The multifaceted square hosts the first cinema arena on a roof in Italy, with free screenings every Tuesday at 9 pm as part of a 3-month review, with three different thematic retrospectives inside, and winner of the Roman Estate Call 2023/2024. But Casilino Sky Park is also La Terrazza del Gusto, seven street food stands proposed by local, artisan and KM realities. 0 which Gambero Rosso has also dealt with. To act as an evocative and suggestive setting, in the evenings spent on the rooftop suspended at 18 meters. high, also the two new works inaugurated last month and created with the support of IGT: the installation by Studio and the street art “piece” created by CROMA with the artistic curatorship of Mirko Pierri of a. DNA Project. Since last year, this “open-air art gallery” has already hosted other works by urban artists Alice Pasquini, Giulio Vesprini, V&rbo, Uno, Orghone, Lady Nina, Muges, Neon, Omuf and Teddy Killer, some of which made with Airlite which helps purify the air.

Lots of news arriving for the Casilino Live Arena which inaugurates the second half of July with Febbra Rock, scheduled for next weekend, and continues with performances by many artists including 24 Grana on 20 July, Assalti Frontali on 24 and the highly anticipated live by the British Asian Dub Foundation, on the bill on the 29th of this month. Admission to paid concerts is always offered at popular prices that reach a maximum of €15.

Casilino Sky Park is an urban redevelopment project, inaugurated last year by Mayor Gualtieri, who transformed the top floor of a disused car park into a multipurpose terrace overlooking the capital. It was conceived and created by Fusolab with the support of IGT and in collaboration with a.DNA Project and Lifegate. Entrance to the space is always free and free upon subscription of the €5 card, valid for the whole season and reduced to €3 if purchased with the ticket for one of the paid events, which take place exclusively in the arena area and do not affect the entrance to the space. Casilino Sky Park will observe a summer break from 12 to 24 August.