Rome, Mourinho: “The future is clear after the Europa League final. Dybala won’t be there”

The Special One: “I’m only thinking about the final”. “Dybala can’t make it”: truth or pretactic?

“Will the victory in the final clarify my future? My only focus is the final. With Roma, when the time comes, we will remain linked forever”. José Mourinho, Roma coach, tries to navigate questions about his future in the press conference of the Giallorossi media day in view of the Europa League final scheduled for May 31 in Budapest against Sevilla “I’m not worried about the future, everything becomes secondary when you play in a final, there’s no reason for pessimism or optimism. We really want to play. We’ve done a lot to stay in this final, and we want to play in it,” says the Portuguese coach.


“It will be very easy to prepare for the final, we want to play it. I don’t want to know if we make the Champions League, I don’t want to know. We’ve played 14 games, we’ve lost players, players, players, we’ve had players play out of position. We’re there and we want to play. The Roma players I’m super happy, I hope and trust that the Sevilla and Roma fans together can have a great day in Budapest and then we’ll see,” he added.

“Is it striking the affection I receive from the fans? I hope my words are not misinterpreted by Tottenham fans, the only club I don’t feel a close bond with is that. Probably because the stadium was empty due to Covid, President Llevy took away my chance to play in a final but I have a special bond with all the other clubs, because people aren’t stupid, they know I give everything for the club. This is how it is in Rome, the fan perceives that I work and fight for them, it’s not just a matter of trophies won. Also with Roma, when that day comes, it won’t be easy but we will stay connected forever as well as with other clubs, with the exception of Tottenham,” he continues.


Paulo Dybala probably won’t be in the final, says Mourinho. Truth or pretactic? “Will he play in Budapest? Honestly I think not, but honestly I have the hope that a bench can do it, thinking that it is the last game of the season for him. Then we have Spezia who can be important for the season. I hope Wednesday can stay on the bench, it could help. With Feyenoord he scored for extra time, if you can give me 15-20 minutes of his effort I’ll be happy,” says Special One.

“Paulo won’t be there on Wednesday, there was a group working together, Spinazzola was on another field with Karsdorp for individual work, and Paulo wasn’t there,” he says. “In the last few matches we tried to get him to play in preparation for the final. I also thought that Paulo could play for a half with Salernitana, in Bologna I thought he could play something. He didn’t play in Leverkusen and we thought he could have helped him but we didn’t “It helped. He won’t be there again on Saturday. Pellegrini won’t be there on Saturday with Fiorentina either, but he’s sure he will be there on Wednesday. Paulo can’t do it,” he concludes.