Rome, parent-child cross accusations: whole family on trial for mistreatment

“Violence committed and suffered by all family members”

A’entire family indicted in Rome with exchanges of cross accusations for abuse between parents and children. On the one hand, a fifty-year-old woman accused of mistreating her family members, father and mother over seventy and brothersubjecting them for more than ten years “a constant psychological and physical harassment – according to what is reported in the indictment – highly mortifying”, “assaulting them both verbally and physically, insulting them with offensive epithets” and “threatening their mother and brother”. Several episodes of violence that the woman’s family members allegedly suffered from 2008 until to 2021: pushing, slapping, throwing objects. On one occasion the elderly mother was also allegedly dragged by her daughter’s hair from the balcony into the kitchen.

But the parents and brother are also accused of abuse in the family of the woman because, according to what was reported to the Capitoline prosecutors, they in turn would have subjected her to harassment. The family members, accused of abuse in the family and injuries, they would have ordered her to leave the house where they lived with threats and beatings costing several days of prognosis“excluding her from family life, preventing her from free use of the kitchen, bathroom and television”.

Violence which according to the accusation formulated by the investigators would therefore have been performed and suffered by all family members. Now the four, on the one hand father, mother and son, defended by the lawyer Emanuele Fierimonte, and on the other the daughter, after having all been indicted by the Rome gup, will find themselves together in the courtroom against each other ‘other.

“It is a particularly delicate situation that deserves social attention, far from the courtrooms. My clients have decided not to bring a civil action but will defend themselves to the end – lawyer Fierimonte comments to Adnkronos – It is difficult to imagine how much could cost them, at their age and in their health conditions, such an important criminal trial”.