Rome Pride, Lazio Region revokes patronage: controversy breaks out

From Pd to +Europe and Action, opposition to Governor Rocca’s attack amid accusations of homophobia and obscurantism

After withdrawal of patronage from Rome Pride 2023 by the Lazio Region political controversy eruptswith the opposition – from the Democratic Party to +Europe and Action – attacking Governor Rocca amid accusations of homophobia and obscurantism.

“Saturday I will be at Pride in Rome as I have always done as President of the Region. We must never be afraid of those who defend and claim the rights of the person. We must fight those who deny them”, he wrote on Twitter Nicola Zingaretti, deputy of the Democratic Party and former governor of Lazio. For the senator dem Cecilia D’Elia“the revocation of the patronage of Pride in Rome by the Lazio Region is a serious act, a step backwards in terms of the commitment of rights, the fight against discrimination. It is useless to raise the specter of GPA, Pride has always been the moment in which the lgbtq+ community shows itself with all the pride of its battles for full citizenship, starting with the dutiful recognition of the rights of girls and boys of rainbow families”, she says.

“After having granted it, today the Lazio Region withdraws its patronage from Rome Pride. A schizophrenia of hatred and discrimination that the right wants to spread using the institutions. We will not allow this crusade against lgbtqia+ citizenship to continue. All at Rome Pride!”, the comment on Twitter of Pd deputy Alessandro Zanresponsible for rights dem.

“The rented uterus has nothing to do with it, the alleged illegal behavior referred to by the Council has nothing to do with it: the revocation of the patronage of Rome Pride by the Lazio Region demonstrates once again that with Fratelli d’Italia at government homophobia is institutionalized, it is a state homophobia. And it is shocking how President Rocca poses as the watchdog of the pro-lifers who had just today asked for the withdrawal of their sponsorship. Rocca doesn’t care about all the citizens of Lazio who instead believe in LGBTI rights + “, the accusation of secretary of Più Europa Riccardo Magi.

And for the group leader of the Calenda Mayor list in the Capitoline Assembly, Flavia De Gregorio“the decision of the Lazio Region to revoke the patronage of Rome Pride is a choice with a clear obscurantist flavor. A will, that of the Region, which is not surprising but which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. The umpteenth signal of civil rights put under attack”.

“The Lazio Region, which defines Pride as a ‘demonstration aimed at promoting illegal behaviour’, thereby sanctions its exit from the civilized world. Not something to be proud of”. Ivan Scalfarotto, senator of Action-Italia Viva in a tweet.

“The decision of the Lazio Region to remove the sponsorship from Gay Pride in Rome, which was granted until a few hours ago, appears completely incomprehensible. Surrogacy is a highly divisive issue, – but it cannot and must not become a reason for withdrawing the patronage. In the field of civil rights, which has always seen the Lazio Region in the front row, there is no turning back”, they then declare the regional councilors of Azione-Italia Viva, Marietta Tidei and Luciano Nobili.

“The revocation of patronage at Roma Pride has every appearance of being the first official act of attack on rights and freedoms by the right wing that governs the Lazio Region”, they then state in a statement Alessandro Capriccioli and Massimo Farinella, respectively secretary and management member of Radicali Roma.

“Using a series of convoluted and specious reasons, among which the supposed lack of ‘respect for the sensitivities of the citizens of Lazio’ (which ones, exactly, it is not known), stands out for hypocrisy and surrealism), President Rocca affirms what many feared : in Lazio with a majority of Brothers of Italy and Lega, beyond inconsistent and generic reassurances, the goal is to dismantle, piece by piece, civil and political conquests made possible by years of work, militancy and struggles – they continue – The fact that the Capital Region of the country denies patronage to Pride for the first time in more than ten years (patronage was also granted by the right-wing junta chaired by Renata Polverini) is a disconcerting sign, which paves the way for a shameful illiberal season and which on Saturday 10 June will lead us to be in the streets with, if possible, even greater conviction”.