Rome Pride, Lazio Region revokes patronage: “Promotes uterus for rent”

“Contents proposed in the event manifesto violate conditions with claims of illegal actions prohibited by Italian law”. Rome ensures patronage, Mayor Gualtieri: “I’ll be there on Saturday”

There Lazio Region today revoked the patronage of the ‘Roma Pride 2023’ event. The decision, the Region says, was necessary and inevitable following the affirmations, tones and intentions contained in the manifesto of the event entitled ‘Queeresistence’, publicly available on the event website. These statements violate the conditions explicitly required for the granting of sponsorship previously granted in good faith by the Lazio Region. In particular, observes the Region, the text violates the conditions of respect explicitly required towards the sensitivities of the citizens of Lazio and claims the imposition of the legalization of illegal actions prohibited by the Italian legal system. The institutional signature of the Lazio Region cannot, nor will it ever be used to support demonstrations aimed at promoting illegal behaviour, with specific reference to the practice of the so-called rented uterus. And this also in the light of what was declared by Mario Colamarino, president of the Mario Mieli Club and spokesperson for Roma Pride.

The Lazio Region expresses “also regret that the sponsorship, granted in good faith by the Lazio Region, has been exploited. What happened represents a missed opportunity to build a mature dialogue free from any ideology – strongly desired and felt by this administration – to promote real inclusion and fight all forms of stigma and discrimination”. Giunta del Lazio reiterates “its commitment to civil rightsas demonstrated, moreover, by the multi-year work of President Francesco Rocca on fundamental issues which, however, have nothing to do with surrogacy“.

ROME ASSURES PATRONAGE, MAYOR GUALTIERI AT PRIDE ON SATURDAY – “Roma Pride is an important event for the LGBT+ community and for all citizens who fight discrimination and support rights. This is why Roma Capitale has assured its patronage and this Saturday I will be in the square for Pride”, he writes in a tweet the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri.