Rome Pride: “Revoke patronage of the Lazio Region? Pro Vita orders, politics executes”

The spokesman Mario Colamarino, president of the Circle of Homosexual Culture Mario Mieli: “It’s just a shame. Doesn’t the Region belong to all citizens?”

“That the Lazio Region has today revoked the patronage of the ‘Roma Pride 2023’ event is just a shame. Pro Vita orders and politics executes”. So to Adnkronos Mario Colamarino, president of the Mario Mieli Circle of Homosexual Culture and spokesperson for Roma Pride. “We were thrilled that the Lazio Region had decided to continue supporting our demonstration, then suddenly they saw the political document on our platform and decided to withdraw their patronage. It happened – explains the Roma Pride spokesperson – after Pro Vita launched posts on social media asking for the withdrawal of support for the demonstration“.

But isn’t the Lazio Region for all citizens? On the one hand, the Giunta asserts that it wants to defend everyone’s rights, but then they revoke their sponsorship of an event that claims the rights of an entire community”, underlined Colamarino.

Pro uterus for rent demonstration? “I consider it an exploitation: the phenomenon of gestation for others concerns 90% heterosexual couples and as usual the part of the ultra-right, of the Catholic Taliban uses the theme, as a weapon, to attack our community“, he explains again.

“With the irony that distinguishes us, we thank Pro Vita for having offered us a free press office service. Thanks to them, we are sure that on Saturday 10 June at the big parade that will start from Piazza della Repubblica at 3.00 pm there will be an enormous crowd who believe in rights, equality and secularism”, underlined Colamarino in a note. “As regards the Governor Francesco Rocca, we reassure him that given that the Lazio Region belongs to the citizens and citizens, therefore also ours and not a handful of Catholic Taliban, we will not remove the Lazio Region logo from our site“.

“The The Governor can easily contact Pro Vita, who, given the similarities, will surely be able to recommend some Russian, Hungarian or Polish hackers to have him removed. With the generosity that distinguishes us, we grant the special patronage of Roma Pride, created especially for the Governor. That of sloth”, concludes the spokesman for Roma Pride.