Rome, Rampelli: “Streets devastated by Saturday’s procession, who pays for the damages?”

“The passage of demonstrators for the procession on Saturday 3 December, organized by Usb and Cobas, has left signs of total barbarism of political dissent. Streets, cars, buildings smeared with paint from spray cans; in some cases the cameras also filmed those responsible for the graffiti who, in front of people who were oblivious to what was happening, were able to soil the city center causing damage for millions. In the Esquilino district, the merchants of via Merulana are exasperated by so much impunity. While others are expected in the coming days, in the middle of the Christmas period, that is, at the most suitable moment to try to recover from the economic crisis produced by the pandemic and war. You have to change register. Whoever notifies the police station must be jointly and severally liable for the damages that the participants in the demonstrations inflict, perhaps in this way they would equip themselves with adequate vigilance. Today who pays for those damages and why does the historic center always have to pay for the damage of the missed purchases due to the inconvenience caused? This is what the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies Fabio Rampelli of Fratelli d’Italia declares.