Rome, scooter rules change: from parking to a fine, the news

Fewer vehicles and more distributed in the city. They will go slower and have license plates

Rome launches the new rules for scooters shared. The number will drop. They can only be used by adults, they will go at a lower speed, they will have the number plate and they will have to be ‘parked’ correctly: otherwise, you will continue to pay for the rental and risk a fine. Mayor Roberto Gualtieri announces the news in force in the capital. “A new page is moving on sharing scooters. The new service and the new regulation are starting today, which will make this electric micro-mobility service significantly better, safer and more widespread”, he writes on Facebook.

“Among the main innovations is the reduction in the number of vehicles and better distribution in all the municipalities of Rome and not just in the center – he explains – Here, in fact, in the trident Ztl there will be a maximum of 90 scooters, 30 for each of the 3 winning operators of the announcement; in the historic center Ztl 900 vehicles, i.e. 300 per operator. The service will also be extended to peripheral areas, with stalls near the exchange nodes with public transport”.

“Enough even with the wild stop: these vehicles can only park in the authorized spaces. The rental will be considered completed only if it is carried out in the foreseen areas, or if the payment continues; while if the vehicle is abandoned in dangerous points, creating degradation and hindrance, a fine will be foreseen. There is also the obligation of a license plate to facilitate checks, the reduction of the maximum speed to 20km/h (6 in pedestrian areas), and only adults registered with an identity card will be able to access the rental. For Metrebus subscribers there will be a reduction on the rental price. With these new provisions – concludes Gualtieri – we want to bring order to a previous situation that did not have clear rules or programming: another important step for the decorum of the capital”.