Rome, sexual violence in the hospital: nurses arrested

The investigating judge: “Serious and consistent circumstantial picture, the man convinced of being free from consequences”. The 55-year-old would have abused a trainee at the Umberto I Polyclinic

A “serious and consistent circumstantial picture”. This is what the investigating judge Marisa Mosetti writes in the precautionary custody order with which she ordered the house arrest against a 55-year-old nurse at the Umberto I Polyclinic in Romeaccused of aggravated sexual assault and injuries aggravated personal injuries against a trainee inside the hospital last October. The measure ordered by the investigating judge was arrived at after investigations by the police and magistrates of the anti-violence pool coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Michele Prestipino.

According to what has been reconstructed, the man, “professional figure of reference for the victim’s training” “by deception, in particular by making her believe she was having to administer therapy to a patient in an isolated room” induced her “to follow him and enter in a dark room whose door the man then locked” then consuming violence.

“The statements made by the offended person can be appreciated in the state as reliable – underlines the judge – The nurses who were in the ward on the evening of the events made statements that completely agree with those of the victim on the course of the evening”. The investigating judge points out “thevery high risk of conduct: not only due to the extremely serious level of aggression against the victim’s freedom, but also because the place where the violence was committed and the methods of the same, read together with the conduct of the suspect after the fact, highlight the man’s conviction of being able to remain free from any consequence”.

In motivating the decision to order the precautionary measure, the judge underlined how the conduct of the suspect “raises fears that similar episodes could be repeated not only in the workplace, of which, as has been said, the suspect appears to have taken advantage by violating the duties of one’s health function, but also outside it”.