Rome, slept and robbed elderly women: caregiver stop

A 48-year-old Ukrainian woman is accused of three robberies, using drugs and sleeping pills

He was hired as a carer in the house to rob elderly women, first putting them to sleep with drugs and sleeping pills. A 48-year-old Ukrainian woman was arrested by state police officers on charges of robbing three women.

The investigations, coordinated by the Rome prosecutor’s office, began on 25 March when a woman asked the police to intervene after waking up and finding her grandmother asleep while there was no trace of the carer, hired shortly before. The woman realized that 550 euros were missing from her wallet. The agents of the Tuscolano police station, after having traced the identity of the 48-year-old, have reconstructed a similar episode that took place last July in Ostia. Also in that case the caregiver had put an 86-year-old to sleep by making her drink a drink with benzodiazepines in it and then had stolen a thousand euros in cash, wedding rings and 4 valuable watches. The policemen traced the 48-year-old to the house of an elderly woman where she had been hired for a few days.

In the meantime, the old woman who was robbed on 25 March died a few days ago and investigations are underway to understand if the death could be related to the administration of drugs. The 48-year-old is now in custody, awaiting validation.