Rome-Spezia 2-0, the Giallorossi fly to fourth place

Goals from El Shaarawi and Abraham

Roma brilliantly passed the exam at Spezia, the final result in the match of the 19th day of Serie A 0-2, and flies to fourth place in the standings with 37 points, behind only Inter on equal points and thanks to the removal of Juventus after the penalty. The first half began with the hosts more inclined to attack and did not break through the Roma defense, while the Giallorossi wasted several chances. One for all an almost penalty kicked by Dybala, after landing on the edge of Celik’s area: he takes the free kick but only manages to hit the barrier in full. Wasted opportunity and the first half hour is about to end with even tough tackles that lead nowhere.

In the 34th minute it was Ibanez’s turn to embark on a long run towards the Juventus goal but the final shot was blocked. An attempt by Zalewski in the 40th minute is saved, immediately after Caldara lands Abraham and gets a yellow card: Dybala kicks the free-kick, manages to find the head of the Englishman but the shot is both weak and wide. The game is finally unlocked by El Shaarawy after a long throw-in by Mancini, Dybala’s run with the ball finds the Pharaoh who scores with his left foot.

At the second half, an error by Esposito while Spezia is in the process of disengagement has just begun at 49′ the ball to Dybala who delivers it quickly to Abraham who just as quickly overtakes everyone, glides towards the net and finds it with his right foot: 0-2. Very occasional, and missed trio, ten minutes later always on a free kick for Roma after a foul on Dybala: the ball lands in the area, Abraham tries with his header but takes it badly and Dragowski manages to save, the ball crosses the entire mirror of the goal , Matic’s final kick from the opposite side of the development of the action comes out.

Mourinho replaces El Shaarawi with Bove and close to the end of the second half he lets Belotti come in for Dybala, while Spezia brings in Moutinho just before in place of Reca. In the first added time, a rash shot by Zalewski from the edge sends the ball away from the La Spezia goal despite the presence of several Giallorossi in the area. The four minutes of added time don’t change the score.