Rome, the alarm goes off: a lion escapes from the circus in Ladispoli

The feline runs away, and the capture operation begins

A lion escaped from a circus in Ladispoli, in the province of Rome. The alarm went off around 3.40pm today, 11 November 2023. Police, financiers and carabinieri from the Ladispoli station, Civitavecchia and forestry officers were on site and managed to identify the visibly frightened animal around 4pm in a reed thicket near the circus. A helicopter also took part in the operation. Provincial police personnel and the circus director himself also arrived with a cage.

The mayor of Ladispoli, Alessandro Grando, explained on Facebook that “the circus staff is implementing capture operations, with the support of the police who promptly intervened on site”.

The mayor invited everyone to pay maximum attention and avoid traveling until further notice: “For those who start asking: why do you still have the circus with animals come to Ladispoli? Why has the mayor authorized the circus? The answer is that I have not authorized anything, it is not up to me to do so, and that unfortunately we cannot ban circuses with animals from coming to our city. In 2017 we tried but we lost the appeal to the TAR and we also had to reimburse the legal costs to the appellants. Until the rules change we will not be able to do otherwise.”