Rome, they stole fuel: five Ama employees investigated

The charges are of embezzlement and falsehood committed by public employees in charge of a public service

They would have stolen fuel from Ama vehicles worth 9 thousand euros. Five employees of the Roma Capitale municipal utility are being investigated by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office on charges of embezzlement and falsehood committed by public employees in charge of a public service. In particular, according to what emerged from the investigation coordinated by prosecutor Carlo Villani, the employees under investigation were unduly using fuel cards.

From the investigations of the Guardia di Finanza it emerged “both the existence of a real criminal association dedicated to the systematic fraudulent subtraction of large quantities of fuel from AMA vehicles, through direct withdrawal, the so-called ‘suck’, and various hypotheses of embezzlement carried out by other employees, implemented through the use of the fuel cards assigned to them for the refueling of the vehicles used during the duty shift; fuel cards which were instead used to misappropriate diesel fuel, instead making it appear that it was used to refuel the company’s vehicles”.

Among the inconsistencies that emerged from the investigations, there are several cases of refueling carried out “several times on the same day on a single or more vehicles at a very short distance on different vehicles, or using fuel cards of other vehicles”. that “the employee refuels only once with the card of the vehicle he drives on duty that day”. The investigations also revealed that the suspects had submitted several reports of loss of the fuel card over the years between 2019 and 2022.