Rome, threatens to slaughter ex-partner: arrested

Stuck under the woman’s house drunk and with a switchblade

He didn’t accept the end of the relationship with his ex and after countless phone calls and threatening messages, he was stopped near the woman’s house while drunk, with a switchblade. The agents of the XIII Aurelio District who intervened were the ones who intervened the man, a 48 year old, was arrested.

The romantic relationship between the two had recently ended, even if he had absolutely not accepted it. Continuous phone calls, at any time of day or night, accompanied by intimidating messages, to the point of threatening her, her daughters and the two horses they owned with death and setting fire to her house and her car. A psychological pressure that the woman tried to contain until the last episode, in which, at the height of a violent physical attack, she suffered a strong blow to the head and a dislocated arm. Exhausted and intimidated, the woman decided to file a complaint and have the police interveneeffectively putting an end to a situation that could have degenerated at any moment.

During stakeout and observation services, the investigators intercepted the man near the woman’s home and stopped him, finding him drunk and in possession of a switchblade with which he had threatened to “cut the throat” of his ex-partner if she did not consent. to a reconciliation. The 49-year-old was arrested. After validation, at the request of the Capitoline Prosecutor’s Office, the investigating judge ordered the man to be placed in precautionary custody in prison.