Rome, Totti and De Rossi are with Mourinho

“If we think that Roma’s problem is Mourinho it means that we have everything wrong”

“If we think that Roma’s problem is Mourinho it means that we have everything wrong.” Francesco Totti on the side of José Mourinho. The former Roma champion lines up next to the Special One, who ended up in the crosshairs of the critics after the last disappointing results of the Giallorossi team. “Mourinho has won more than all the Serie A coaches put together. Chapeau to the coach, you have to focus on him. He is a great coach and a great motivator: he knows how to manage the group, he knows what to say and what to do, I point to it. always on him. The club and the fans must be close to him “, Totti told Sky Sport on the sidelines of the WeSmash Cup padel tournament.

For the other Giallorossi flag, Daniele De Rossi, Roma will be satisfied at the end of the season “if they don’t get bored with this coach, who is one of the strongest around. Beyond the aesthetic fact, Mourinho is one of the 5- 6 strongest coaches ever, I have Roma in my heart but it’s better to see it from the outside now, I wouldn’t want to put myself in Mourinho’s shoes. Many are coming out, but Mourinho has personality and will be serene. “

De Rossi then adds on the Serie A championship: “Naples and Milan seem to be quite better than the others, Napoli have done very well with Gattuso and are doing equally well with Spalletti. In my opinion they will all return to a bit even if Roma, Inter, Lazio and Juventus are a little apart “.