Rome transfer market, Zaniolo ‘doesn’t get called up’. Towards the sale?

The player will not take part in the away game at Spezia

First the rumors, then a tear that seems more than a confirmation. Nicholas Zaniolo he did not make himself available for the call-up in view of the away match at Spezia. According to other reconstructions, it would have been Mourinho to decide, after the player has already missed his last home match with Fiorentina, declaring that he is unavailable due to the flu. However, the news filtered through the walls of Trigoria makes the rounds of the web and social networks and ignites even more the last days of transfer market in Rome. A sale of the player is only considered by the club under certain conditions: the price, at least 35 million, and a certain formula that allows it to be budgeted by 30 June 2023. What seems more than probable, at this point, is that given the non-renewal and the tensions of this week, the relationship between Zaniolo and Roma has definitively broken.