Rome, usury and extortion in the Castelli: 8 people arrested

Seized Rolex, jewels and cash for 400 thousand euros

Since the early hours of this morning, in various municipalities in the Province of Rome, the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di Velletri have carried out an order ordering the application of personal precautionary measures against 8 people (four recipients of pre-trial detention in prison and four under house arrest) accused in various capacities of criminal association aimed at usury and extortion as well as drug dealing. The device used by the Compagnia di Velletri is also dedicating itself to the preventive seizure aimed at the confiscation of goods and money for a total value of over 400,000 euros.

The investigations conducted by the Nucleo Operativo and Radiomobile made it possible to detect the existence of a partnership, active in the Castelli Romani district, in Ardea, Santa Marinella and Rome, seriously suspected of being dedicated to usury and extortion against 58 victims among merchants, small entrepreneurs and workers, ascertaining the application of interest rates which, in some cases, exceeded 900% of the credit disbursed. The crimes of usury are also charged against 3 other suspects in a state of freedom, two participating in the association and one for a single episode of usury. During the investigation, the Carabinieri also arrested a man in flagrante delicto by seizing 50 grams of cocaine and 750 grams of hashish.