Rome, VIP fans with Mourinho: from Ghini’s anger to Antonio Giuliani’s bewilderment

Many actors, directors and figures of the Giallorossi faith were saddened to learn the news

The dismissal of José Mourinho as Roma manager also shocks the world of entertainment. In fact, many actors, directors and VIP fans of the Giallorossi faith were shocked to learn the news, which arrived today like a bolt from the blue. And almost everyone sides with the Special One.

Ghini: “Anger and sorrow, Rome now seems like a post station”

”I feel anger and regret because Roma has now become like a post office, there are coaches and players who come here, earn a lot of money and then leave or are sent away. Someone will have to give us an answer,” he says Massimo Ghini to Adnkronos. ”I’m literally getting tired of this team that does nothing but take coaches and send them away. Especially in such a difficult moment for the team – underlines the actor – ours is the presidency of the ‘mutes’, that is, those who never speak, who never say anything”.

For Ghini ”when these things happen there is certainly a very bad relationship between the locker room and the coach, that’s for sure. Surely Mourinho will have made a mistake, but they won’t explain anything to us anyway, there will be the usual Friedkin silence, which could be the title of a Sherlock Holmes novel. It’s clear, things weren’t going well but we’ve come from two seasons in which we reached the Europa League final, where they literally stole the match from us. But we won a cup (the Conference League, ed.)”.

Antonio Giuliani: “Disconcerted, the fans are very angry”

”I’m very sorry, you don’t send a coach like that away so suddenly without even letting him finish his contract which expired in June. They were all shocked. And this is the first time that not a single piece of news has come out of the Roma locker rooms”. Thus the comedian Antonio Giuliani to Adnkronos, commenting on the dismissal of coach Josè Mourinho decided by As Roma. “I felt like something was about to happen because Mourinho had been trying to reassure Roma fans for a month – explains the actor – rumors had been circulating for some time about the fact that Mourinho wouldn’t be able to renew his contract in June. contract. He continued to deny it but it was clear that sooner or later he would leave.” “The Roma fans loved him very much – continues Giuliani – almost all of them are very angry, you just need to listen to the Roman sports radio to understand the mood of the fans Roma fans. There will certainly be a summit in Trigoria soon. I believe that if you send away someone like Mourinho so suddenly, the coach who has won the most ever in the history of world football, something big must certainly have happened, in my opinion there must have been a discussion with the club.” .

“I heard Daniele’s press conference (De Rossi, ed.) – continues the comedian – I’m very happy for him, he’s taking on a big responsibility also because it’s the first time he’s coaching in Serie A. He was also put a little ‘as a lightning rod because no one would ever boo De Rossi, Daniele is a piece of Roma’s history”. “Now we are all waiting for Mourinho’s press conference, also to understand what happened. Things were certainly going badly for Roma, you can’t lose all those matches, but for me – he reiterates – the club had to make it last until at least June, also to safeguard De Rossi”, concludes the actor.

Max Bruno: “Mourinho had to finish the year”

“Mourinho is a winning coach, in my opinion he deserved to finish the year because he accustomed us to big surprises right in the home stretch, in decisive moments of football seasons.” The director has no doubts Massimiliano Bruno, a great Roma fan. “He is a man of the semi-finals, of the finals, for the good of Roma it was worth trying to make him try to win yet another Cup”, adds the Roman director of ‘All that’s left is crime’.

Upon hearing the news that the new coach indicated by the club is the former Roma champion Daniele De Rossi, Bruno is however happy: “He is a friend, to whom I wish the best and I hope he does well because in addition to having been a footballer world champion, he is also a trained coach and a man respected in the environment. Knowing him, I imagine that he is realizing an incredible dream, coaching his Roma.”

Maurizio Mattioli: “I’m speechless”

“I’m speechless, I’m watching TV but it’s not clear what happened. De Rossi’s name was already going around so it was already in the air that something was about to happen but we need to see what’s in the minds of the management and the owners ”says the actor Maurizio Mattioli. ”Perhaps a shake-up was needed, but more than a technical one, a corporate one – continues the actor – because Mourinho is not up for discussion, he is number 1, but I don’t know what happened. From the climb to fourth place we now find ourselves in ninth place and that’s something that Roma fans don’t deserve. To get to this point someone must certainly have made mistakes, but it must be the company that explains to us what happened,” he concludes.