Rome waste-to-energy plant, Conte ‘vs’ Schlein: “Pd clarify”

“No to compromises to keep the opposition united”

“We fight battles. We cannot accept compromises to keep the opposition united and, then, here it is the Democratic Party that must clarify“. Said the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte arriving at the end of the sit-in against the waste-to-energy plant in Rome. “The Democratic Party has a lot of friendly press, grieving newspapers, because we are continuing to fight. To all these heartbroken journalists I would like to say that this is a battle with which the movement was born, before I arrived, it is in the Movement’s DNA. It’s the sixth time we’ve presented such an Odg, but did you realize that there was also a Draghi decree that we didn’t vote for? Then it is the Democratic Party that at a certain point, after Count 2, changed its position in an illogical, incomprehensible way. Do not challenge us for the coherence of our battles”.

“Schlein isn’t there? I hope we can recover it, let’s not be wary” says the leader of the M5S. “I don’t want to make personal or party controversies. What is certain is that battles are fought or not fought. And of course we cannot fight objectives such as these that we declare ourselves against are achieved. They must be fought now because once such an impactful project has been created, with a technology that is born obsolete, then it cannot be said that that is not the future. Future is being built today in a wrong way”.

“I am very practical, I expect a change of course from this municipal administration, which wants to carry out a project that is out of time, which is absolutely not the good of the city of Rome. We want there to be a change that is not so ideological, I don’t care. It interests me that this project is not realized and we’re here to prevent that.”

“Today this is a garrison to prevent the realization of the 600,000-ton incinerator project. It is not that today we are building an alliance. Obviously, the more we meet on common battles, the more the conditions are created for a path with shared objectives. But it’s not that alliances are decided at the table once and for all. This perspective would lead us nowhere. The voters don’t want this, they want concrete results. And if we share concrete results and if there is sharing, we can create a path, in perspective”.

Has Schlein accepted the appeal of the Pnrr table? “I am pleased with this, I had hoped for it too, it is a table at which we must all sit down, because it is not the government’s project. The Pnrr is the project of the national community” said Conte at the end of the sit-in against the waste-to-energy plant in Rome. “A suffering community that raises its head and wants to embrace a future of environmental justice, social justice and white people the opportunity to run. Economic growth combined with social development. This is the opportunity that the Pnrr offers us. This is why I say that there is no majority or opposition. We are available on this, it is a pleasure that other opposition forces are converging on this position, because we must all work together for this common goal, in the interest not only of our generation but also of those to come”. .