‘Rome will be reborn’, on display the urban visions of Cesare Esposito

In Santa Lucia al Gonfalone on display from today to 22 October the works of the architect who created the artificial snowfall of Santa Maria Maggiore

Rome will be reborn: magical metamorphoses, fairy images, urban projects and visions, among the monuments of Rome, symbols of peace. The three days dedicated to the works of the architect Cesare Esposito, Monticiano doc, creator of the artificial snowfall of Santa Maria Maggiore in memory of the snow miracle, opened today in via dei Banchi Vecchi, in the church of Santa Lucia al Gonfalone.

The exhibition, open between 5pm and 8pm from today to October 22, displays Esposito’s works and his visionary urban projects: from the sail for the Colosseum to the pedestrian area of ​​Porta San Paolo, a tribute to the women martyrs. “With this exhibition I recall a world day of peace”, says Esposito, who then jokes: “I am happy that during the exhibition I will celebrate my birthday together with my works, on October 22, on the day John Paul II was proclaimed a saint. . We had become friends – recalls the architect -, we met when I took care of the fireworks at Castel Sant’Angelo, he was present to bless the return of the restored angel. Then the fortification of the friendship of spiritual faith with the miracle of the Madonna della snow”.