Romeo is Juliet, filming of Veronesi’s film with Castellito and Pilar Fogliati has finished

After lasting 7 weeks, filming has come to an end Romeo and Julietthe new film directed by Giovanni Veronesi.

The film boasts a stellar cast which includes the two protagonists, Sergio Castellito and Pilar Fogliati, who are joined on the set by a parade of local stars of the caliber of Geppi Cucciari, Maurizio Lombardi, Serena De Ferrari, Domenico Diele and Margherita Buy.

Romeo is Juliet is an Indiana Production, Capri Entertainment and Vision Distribution production in collaboration with Sky and will be distributed by Vision Distribution.
Filming lasted seven weeks and took place between Rome and Spoleto. In Rome, among the various locations contemplated, there are also the Torlonia Theater, Villa Borghese, Trinità dei Monti and in Spoleto the Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti.

Pilar Fogliati was chosen not by chance

Pilar Fogliati’s choice is not at all random. Giovanni Veronesi, in fact, wrote together with the actress the screenplay of the latter’s first film as director, entitled Romantic. The other leading actor, Sergio Castellitto, was already directed by Veronesi in Silence… yes bornand and Italians.
As for Geppi Cucciari, he is here at his second experience with the filmmaker of the various series Manual of loveafter having been directed by him in A woman as a friend.

What the new film directed by Giovanni Veronesi says

When the young actress Vittoria is humiliated by a director as cynical as he is famous during an audition to get the role of Juliet, the girl decides to try again under a false identity. She wants to demonstrate her talent to the director at all costs. Vittoria will then become Fabio and perform as Romeo.

She will convince the director and will be taken for the part and at that point, instead of revealing her true identity and taking her longed-for revenge, Vittoria… will accept the role!
From that moment on, therefore, Vittoria becomes Fabio. For her, a talented actress that she is, it is not a problem to play a male role even off stage. But when her boyfriend is chosen to play the role of Mercutio, the challenge will become more difficult: will Vittoria be able to hide her identity even from her better half? If she succeeded, she would certainly demonstrate truly exceptional talent.

But the greatness of this film is also another: for Vittoria that experience of changing the self, of gender fluidity and of interpreting her masculine role will allow her to discover many things about herself and also about the people around her.

Giovanni Veronesi: “Here everything changes with a simple accent”

Director Giovanni Veronesi commented on his next cinematographic effort with the following words: “With this film I return to telling many love stories, almost all of them impossible like that of Romeo and Juliet. Here everything changes with a simple accent.”

In fact, the title differs from that of William Shakespeare’s immortal work only by an accent, the one that characterizes the e in Veronesi’s work. Romeo here And Juliet.