Romualdo’s role allowed him a ruthless success: did you recognize him? He is the very beloved actor

He took on the role of the sweet and handsome Romualdo in Fantaghirò, but did you recognize him? He is the very beloved actor.

He was one of the undisputed protagonists of Fantaghirò, the handsome Romualdo! Real backbone of the fantasy TV series, the actor played the role of the beloved king of the enemy kingdom. In short, this did nothing but represent the antagonist of the story, but who on the other hand had stolen the heart of the protagonist.

He is Romualdo, but did you recognize him? Photo Source: Youtube

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When he took part in the beloved fantasy television series, the actor who played the role of Romualdo was really at the beginning of his career. He had already taken part in several films and several television works, this is true, but Fantaghirò has given him the opportunity to ride even more the wave of success. To date, in fact, he is a beloved actor. And, over the years, it has become the undisputed star of many other projects. It is no coincidence, in fact, that his curriculum boasts many awards and recognitions. Starting, therefore, from Nastri D’Argento, Ciak d’Oro up to Globi D’oro. There. But did you recognize it? When he took part in Fantaghirò, we assure you, he was really very young, but did you understand who we are talking about?

Do you remember the sweet Romualdo in Fantaghirò? Here it is today

How many of you were avid supporters of the love story between Fantaghirò and Romualdo? Definitely, many of you! Aired since the early 1990s, the TV series has been a truly impressive success. And even today, especially during the Christmas period, its reruns are broadcast.

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But have you recognized who sweet Romualdo is? When he took on the role of the king, as we said previously, he was really very young. And, even if he had already had the opportunity to start his acting career, it was Fantaghirò who increased his success even more. To date, in fact, he is a super beloved and appreciated actor. Did you, however, manage to recognize it? We are talking about him: Kim Rossi Stuart! You read that right, yes! It is precisely the beloved Roman actor who has taken on the role of Romualdo.

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Photo source: Getty Images

In short, little has changed! Although almost 30 years have passed since Fantaghirò, Kim Rossi Stuart continues to be identical to his Romualdo. Do you agree?